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Warehouse Blowout

Partial list of available items:

$20 Items


Patio umbrellas

Tailgate tables                                                                          Horseshoes sets

Bean bag game tables

Giant wooden puzzle sets (Jenga)

$10 Items

Beach chairs (over 150 count)                             

Director's chairs

Bocce Ball sets (over 100 count)                         

Canvas folding chairs

Chaise Lounges w/overhead shade cover         

Metal towel racks (over 50 count) 

24" Metal ribbon cutting scissors                     

Assorted Teepees (over 50 count)

Stainless steel bread boxes (over 100 count)   

Black hunting vests w/pistol holsters

Camouflage clothing sets (over 100 count)       

Beer Pong

Ab Trainers

$5 Items

Foam rubber Ninja Swords                                   

Agility ladder training equipment

Foam swimming pool barbells                             

Aerobic workout bags

Door mats                                                               

Artists folders

Pasta servers                                                         

Black carry bags

Juggling pins                                                         

Bamboo tub trays

Bean bag sets of 4                                                  

coffee/beer mugs


Men’s black cold weather slacks

Stiletto shoe wine holders                                     

Foldable mesh goals

Potato chip makers                                                 

Erotic bottle opening sets (over 500 count)

Wire bread baskets                                                 

Kitchen tongs


Wooden tea/coffee holders

Frisbee sets                                                                              

White & Blue Star pouches

Fanny Pack Belts for beer or soda cans                      

White pillows

Toilet golf games                                                                   

Weight lifting dumbbells

Assorted pilates items                                                        

Rattan baskets/holders

Drumming sets w/drumsticks                                       

Assorted women’s dresses

Athletes’ training cone sets                                              

Table drink coaster sets (assorted)

Playing card shufflers                                                          

Women’s assorted flapper dresses

Large decorative glass balls                                              

Foam aerobic rollers


Bottled garlic salt

Beer hats                                                                                    

Bottled sea salt

Wooden wine racks                                                              

Salad tossing claws

Assorted wire racks                                                             

Speed rings

Plastic tumbler sets                                                              

Women’s makeup holders                   

Halloween masks (assorted)                                           

Gardening shears

Windsocks (over 100 count)                                          

Giant Checkers Sets

Ping Pong Paddles                                   

Hand Ball Paddles

...and oh, so much more!!!!

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