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What makes a company great? It’s a question our founders asked over sixty years ago when Volt began as a small technical writing business. In its earliest days, Volt played a key role in American innovation, including providing technical documentation for the Atlas Missile Project. As the company grew, we saw an opportunity to fill a critical need for our clients by providing contingent personnel services and this part of the business quickly developed into the core of Volt’s service offerings.


Volt continued to expand in the 1960s, adding offices on both coasts and building relationships with some of the earliest and best known technology companies in the 1970s and 1980s, many of which continue today. The world has changed so much since our company began in 1950, and these changes have driven opportunity at Volt: We’ve established a global footprint as one of the industry’s top staffing and talent management providers and created one of the world’s leading mobile and game testing businesses with VMC.


While our awards, diverse history, and long-standing client relationships with some of the world’s most respected companies demonstrate our growth, the key to our success is our continual focus on our clients and employees. We look forward to further strategic innovation while respecting the roots of our company, because we still believe what our two founders, brothers William and Jerry Shaw, realized long ago: Business runs on talent, today and always.

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