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Kylie Jo died instantly when a light gauge shotgun discharged striking her in the forehead. As the sheriffs arrived at the scene, Ricky Lee, her boyfriend, gave 2 conflicting statements about how she died, neither of which agreed with the wealth of physical evidence in the room and on the body.

Kylie Jo was stunningly beautiful, an accomplished college sophomore and the daughter every parent would love to have. If she had a weakness it was her choice in boyfriends. Her most recent, for the past two years, was someone her parents wished she had never met.

Ricky Lee’s parents wished they didn’t have to yet again call upon Ian Weintraub, an old friend, and skilled lawyer, to save the life of their son now facing the death penalty. Ian Weintraub, a decorated Vietnam era Marine, had previously helped Ricky Lee with his legal problems. Ian’s experience as a combat hardened veteran will be put to the test as he prepares for the fight of his life.

The Sheriff and the District Attorney say it is murder, first degree at that. Kylie Jo’s father, a senior member of the editorial staff at the largest newspaper on the West Coast, is lobbying with all his resources for a conviction. But is it murder, or a horrifically tragic accident?

A life hangs in the balance, and Ian will strain every fiber of his being to convince a California jury to spare Ricky’s life for this tragedy.

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