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Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

Santa Clarita Area Representative: Kevin Duxbury

(661) 202 - 4192

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 1

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

A nationwide group of approximately 3,000 honorably discharged combat veterans who gather primarily for camaraderie, but also to look out for veteran interests, help where needed, deliver CARE packages, attend to veterans in VA hospitals, and generally provided whatever services will be of assistance to veterans.

This group is NOT a motorcycle "Gang", and shies away from those seeking that type of activity. Upon acceptance of an application one is given his/her patch, and there is nothing to prove to anyone, since the applicant has already proven oneself by their tour of duty.

To become a member one must be honorably discharged, be the registered owner of a motorcycle over 600 CC's, maintain insurance, and have a motorcycle license.

If interested in joining, please contact the local representative noted above.

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