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Covered 6

780 Chambers Lane, Suite 210

Simi Valley, CA 93065

(805) 926-2055


Gus Pena, Vocational Advocate

Robert Pena, Vocational Advocate

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Training Academy

The Covered 6 Physical Security Specialist program builds a bridge between trained veterans and employers seeking to build an effective and efficient workforce. Covered 6 collaborates with leading industries who seek to employ Covered 6 veterans trained in first responder and advanced security/protection, skilled in imminent and terrorist threat assessment, detection/response and is prepared to meet the challenges of 21st century urban society.

Covered 6 offers a vocational and support specifically designed to meet the needs of veterans transitioning into the private sector. Through the Covered 6 Academy, veterans will be challenged with a 200 hour rigorous curriculum of both theoretical and practical application, making the Physical Security Specialist adept in de-escalation strategies, technology integration, tactical defensive firearms, defensive tactics, investigation and security administration. Additionally, the veteran will receive advanced responder training, be well-versed in active shooter protocols and hold medical certifications for first responder procedures and processes. The combination of skills and training obtained by Covered 6 veterans ensure readiness and effective deployment of any security need, including private security, as well as high value target and executive protection, all of which can be implemented in private and public sectors.

Covered 6 graduates will be placed with an employer. Prospective industry partners in the private and public sectors include aerospace, learning institutions, hospitals, hotels, financial institutions, retail establishments, government agencies and locations, airports, military bases, stadiums and concert venues, gated communities, amusement parks and national parks and beaches.


The Physical Security Academy is accredited and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Post Secondary Education, Bureau of Security and Investigation Services, Employment Department and Veterans Administration (Post 9/11 GI Bill). There is no cost to qualified veterans who have GI Bill benefits or Employment Development funding. 

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