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21031 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 610

Woodland Hills, CA  91364

(818) 884 - 8808

Stacey Chiang, Executive Administrator

My TIME Enrichment Center

18560 Via Princessa, #220

Santa Clarita, CA 91387

(661) 367 - 7195

Donna Deutchman, CEO

Bridget Mills, Director of Program Design & Urban Planning

John Wartinger

Homes 4 Families

Through Homes 4 Families enrichment program, low income U.S. veterans of any age or conflict can qualify for a 2 or 3 bedroom home and pay no more than 30% of their monthly income total for the mortgage, HOA insurance, taxes, and HOA dues. This program pairs an affordable home ownership with self sufficiency training to move families to middle class. For details contact Cesar Villavicencio at (818) 884 - 8808, x210 or visit

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