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26524 Ruether Avenue, #501

Santa Clarita, CA 91350

(661) 542- 7048

David Stratton, Director of Santa Clarita

Help The Children

Help the Children (HTC) is a nonprofit humanitarian relief organization founded in 1998 by the late Mr. Roger Presgrove and his wife Roxana. In just 20 years – the organization has grown to one of the top 100 charities in the United States and has become a respected global child hunger solution dedicated to provide not only food, but also distributing clothing, and supplies. HTC is a place where people come together with the collaborative efforts of donors, strategic partnerships, leaders, and helping hands to provide Food, Supplies, and Clothing, bringing Hope!


FOOD: Our generous partners and volunteers help us distribute 20 tons of food monthly to needy Children, Veterans, and Families in Los Angeles County.


MEDICAL CARE: HTC sends teams of doctors and dentists to the HTC Urgent Care facility in Guatemala where1,600 children and family members have been treated in 2016-2017.


VETERANS: In 2010 HTC launched its annual Veteran Appreciation Day (VAD) celebrated on Armed Forces Day, where 300+ brand new items are given free of charge to attending Veterans. In addition to the VAD HTC also started the Military Families Assistance Program sustaining active military families with food, clothing and other essential care.


DISASTER RELIEF: With help from hundreds of volunteers and partners, we work ahead to prepare care containers for people stricken by disaster, filled with food, first aid, blankets, cooking tools and more. In 2017 HTC sent a container of food for the Hurricane Harvey victims providing 20,000 + meals for those in need.  In addition, HTC has sent containers to Oklahoma, Hurricane Katrina- Louisiana, Hurricane Sandy- New Jersey, Africa, Cambodia, Congo, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Lebanon, Mexico, Nicaragua, Papa New Guinea, South Sudan, Vietnam, Haiti, and the Philippines.


EDUCATION: HTC provides education opportunities to orphaned girls where they graduate with both a teacher and growers certificate. HTC provides food, clothing, schooling and necessary care for girls ages 10 through 18 at the Oasis School and Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. HTC provided funding for the growing facility including the borehole and solar pump, solar panels, irrigation pipes from the water-well pump to the six greenhouse structures.

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