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C.A. Rasmussen Inc. is a heavy civil engineering construction company ….. highways, bridges, dams, railroad, retaining walls for public works agencies such as Caltrans, Army Corps of Engineers, and various cities and counties.


The company also constructs private works such as grading and paving for major housing and commercial developments. The company hires direct for specialty positions such as construction project manager, estimators, contract administration, etc., and there are lengthy experience requirements Interested veterans may contact the company directly by calling Stacey Klein Huerta at (661)3267-9075 or


The bulk of available open positions are  for field workers (labor, equipment operators, carpenters, etc.) and hiring is done through unions, thus veterans are required to join one of the unions to which Rasmussen is signatory.  Contact the collaborative for more information free affiliating with a labor union.

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