Child & Family Services / Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita

Child & Family Services and The Domestic Violence Center have merged.  They strive to end the cycle of abuse through intervention, prevention, and education. The agency changes lives.

Persons experiencing any form of abuse learn to survive and their lives are transformed by our services.       Empowerment: Creating change through building self-esteem, building self resiliency, and the acknowledgment of bravery.  

  • Respect: Offering an authentic environment where no person, no relationship is devalued or judged.
  • Accessibility: Trained advocates offering resources that support the cycle of change.
  • Safety: Provide an abuse free environment that supports  thew healing process.

If a veteran or a member of his/her family wishes to contact the Domestic Violence Center for assistance, please call the 24-hour phone hot line: (6612)259-4357.